Magic Rush Heroes Diamonds Hack
Guide to Magic Rush Heroes cheats and strategies

Free Gold For Magic Rush is an action packed RPG created and designed by the makers of Clash of Kings and Warring Empire, ELEX Wireless. This game is a mash-up of real time RPG and tower defense. This game is about assembling a league of heroes, toughening them up and sending them to battle against enemies. The game is relatively complicated and tips and tricks are needed to be known prior to the start of play. Below are some.

Besides leveling up your heroes (which happens automatically), the main way to strengthening your heroes is to inlay them with runes which are basically artifacts. Try to find as many runes as you can as these help in installing new skills and powering up your heroes when equipped. Many heroes require the same type of runes to get equipped with which means that you will need duplicates of such runes.

Revisiting low scoring or finished levels will help you earn more runes and resources. The equipment screen will lead you to the levels where you can find runes.

A well planned town base or defense is needed for tower defense levels. Make sure you place the tanks in the most optimal positions so that it protects the heroes. Tank type characters come with two minions and these minions come in handy in holding the enemy for the other heroes to do the damage.

Always make sure to take a well balanced team for the RPG combat levels. It is always good to take five different types of heroes for the five slots available. Best combo is to take a tank, marksman, mage, support and canon. This is generally enough to beat the enemies but certain levels need a specialized combo of troops. Lastly, do not forget to claim your free wishes in the wishing pool to open the gold and diamond chests but always try to claim these as fast as possible.